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Mobile Printing Boosts Employee Productivity

Chicago copiers

The majority of knowledge workers say they would like access to a mobile printing solution. For many, this means a better way to work and use their time. As an employer, it means increased efficiency and productivity. If your Chicago company's copiers aren't mobile print-enabled, you're missing out on an opportunity to accomplish more in less time.

Five Ways Multifunction Copiers Make Office Life Easier

Chicago copiers

Smart business leaders have recognized that staying competitive in an increasingly digital world means saying goodbye to paper-heavy processes. Scanning documents and automating processes using multifunction copiers can help companies reduce their dependence on paper.

Preparing for the Copier Removal Process

Chicago copiers

If you're adding new copiers to your Chicago office equipment line-up, you probably have one or more devices you'll need to take out of service. The process doesn't need to be complicated, but a lot depends on your equipment provider and the agreement you made when you first purchased or leased your copiers.

Are Your Copiers Causing HIPAA Violations?

Chicago copiers

You've done everything you can to familiarize yourself and your staff with HIPAA, but it's possible to be in violation without even realizing it.

With fines as high as $50,000 per infraction, it's critical to make sure you've covered every possible scenario.

One area that frequently goes overlooked are violations occurring on printers and copiers. Read on to find out what your Chicago healthcare facility can do to avoid unintentional HIPAA infractions.

Time for New Copiers? It's All About the Math!

Chicago copiers

If you're not sure whether to pull the trigger and get new copiers for your Chicago business, we'd like to suggest a little basic math. Like every other business decision, it's all about adding and subtracting.

Add Up the Benefits

Acquiring new copiers is a lot like bringing new computers online. Even if you're a little unsure at first, the advantages of the new system soon outweigh any reservations you may have had in the beginning. When it comes to new copiers and printers, the benefits add up quickly.

Common Sense Office Equipment Safety Tips

Chicago copiers

One of the easiest ways to reduce costs in your Chicago offices is to take great care of your office equipment. Routine maintenance and safe operating procedures can go a long way toward keeping your printers and copiers in top operating condition.

Safety First

Many of the routines that keep your copiers in good condition are also common-sense safety procedures. From rogue liquids to cord damage, there's a lot you can do to protect both your equipment and your employees.

Say Hello to Your New Translator

Chicago copiers

Chicago companies depend on their office technologies to keep business moving forward. Multifunction copiers and printers have now become essential tools, providing a full line of capabilities to improve productivity and reduce costs. The basic features usually include:

Copier Uptime or Downtime? The Choice Is Simple

Chicago copiers

up-time /noun/ The total time a computer or other device is available for use.

When you think of your copiers, does the word uptime come to mind, or is its opposite—downtime—a more frequent state of affairs? If you'd like to experience more of the former in your Chicago office, you've come to the right place.

Three No-Brainer Hacks to Save on Printing Costs

Chicago copiers

Most business owners and managers can't say for certain how much their organization spends on printing; nonetheless, most agree on one point—it's way too much. Solutions like switching to multifunction printers and copiers and Managed Print Services are critical for real savings, but there are several cost-cutting steps your Chicago organization can take in the meantime.

Don't Ignore Preventative Copier Maintenance

Chicago copiers

Whether it's your car or your copiers, repairs are inevitable. It's also true that ignoring preventative maintenance is a guaranteed fast-track to parts breakdowns and other failures. To keep downtimes to a minimum, careful upkeep of your copiers and other devices is imperative. Here are some proven methods to help your Chicago business stay on top of maintenance.


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