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Three Ways to Protect Your Network from the Next Ransomware Attack

Chicago IT services

While there's no way you missed the headlines about the WannaCry ransomware attack in May of this year, you may have missed something else. You're human, and you've got a business to operate, and updates sometimes get overlooked or take a back burner. In the case of the latest ransomware attack, that's just what hackers were hoping for.

If you'd rather not be among the frustrated and furious victims of the next ransomware or other malicious attacks, it's critical to take precautions now. Tomorrow, as many others have learned, may be one day too late.

Ask the Right Questions to Find the Right IT Services Partner

Chicago IT services

You've decided it's time to outsource your IT infrastructure to a professional IT Services Provider. You've made a wise choice—one that will give your Chicago company disruption-free network and servers and your staff time to focus on core business objectives.

Are You Prepared for the Next Cyber Attack?

Chicago IT services

The world woke up to another cyber attack last week. WannaCry ransomware took individuals and businesses by surprise, but only those that were unprepared.

Missed updates and an I-can-do-that-later attitude cost some companies more than just money. Read on to find out how your Chicago business can avoid becoming another victim in the next worldwide cyber hold-up.

IT Services—3 Benefits of Outsourcing

Chicago IT services

Your Chicago company depends upon technology to keep business processes moving forward. Read on to discover why outsourcing your IT needs may be the perfect solution for your organization.

1. 365/24/7 Monitoring

With someone else monitoring and maintaining your server, your staff is free to focus on growing your business. Proven IT experts will work hard to make sure your server is working correctly, and that all of your data is backed up and secure.

Plan Ahead for Catastrophic Data Loss

Chicago IT services

disaster /di-'zas-ter/ noun an unexpected event leading to unfortunate consequences.

What comes to mind when you think of the word disaster? A tornado or flash flood? Most of us define a disaster as a catastrophic event brought on by the forces of nature. For most businesses, the chances are relatively small that a natural disaster will result in enough damage to close down operations, but if you're gambling that the sun will continue to shine on your Chicago company, you may want to reconsider.

Patient Privacy: Real Threats Require Real Solutions

Chicago IT services

Increased privacy regulations along with stiff penalties for noncompliance mean Chicago healthcare facilities must do all they can to shore up data security. A 2016 Ponemon Institute study cites cybercrime as the leading cause of data loss among healthcare facilities, followed by employee errors, stolen devices, and complications involving third-parties.

With so much at stake, protecting proprietary patient data must take center stage as your healthcare organization prepares to meet ongoing challenges.

One Network Vulnerability Is All It Takes

Chicago IT services

It's impossible not to be aware of the major data breaches impacting businesses around the world in the past several years. Almost without exception, these breaches have devastating consequences for the business, largely because of the effect they have on their customers.

I have a file folder full of letters from organizations warning me that they've fallen victim to hackers. Without exception, they're apologetic but can offer me little in exchange except for a free credit report. Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.

How Technology is Changing the Way We Bank

Chicago IT services

Gartner predicts that soon 60% of banks worldwide will rely upon cloud technology to process transactions. With consumers relying more and more on digital processes, this should come as no surprise.

To prepare for this paradigm shift financial institutions are rethinking their traditional reliance upon the brick-and-mortar model. The truth is, already some banking clients haven't visited a physical branch in years, relying instead on the digital banking experience.

Keeping Ahead of The IT Game

Chicago IT services

DIY may be the latest trend when it comes to home improvement projects, but the Design-It-Yourself Network doesn't leave much time to focus on running your business. For a custom network design that works for your Chicago company's unique requirements, IT Services provides the guidance you simply can't afford to do without. Here's why:

Is Your Company Well Prepared for Disaster?

Chicago IT services

Even if you routinely back up your Chicago company's data, it doesn't necessarily follow that you're good to go. It's a common mistake to assume by backing up your data you're prepared for a disaster. For example, what if a fire or flood destroys your servers? After the initial shock of a catastrophe wears off, your primary goal will be to get back into business as soon as possible.


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