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How Scanning Saves Time and Money for the AEC Industry

Chicago office equipment

The AEC industry is in a unique position to benefit from office equipment with state-of-the-art scanning capabilities.

Two Equipment Must-Haves to Help Healthcare Facilities Go Paperless

Chicago office equipment

The challenges faced by the Chicago healthcare industry are unique, and that includes the sharing and storage of information. Hospitals and small facilities alike need fast access to patient information, but HIPAA and HITECH mandates require strict security protocols. Balancing easy access with ironclad security is no small task.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Printing Solution Now

Chicago office equipment

Does your Chicago company employ mobile workers? Do any of your staff members access privately-owned mobile devices to access company files? Do visiting clients and business partners sometimes need access to your printers and other office equipment?

With mobile knowledge workers now as high as 33% of the nation's workforce, most companies have recognized a need for a secure mobile printing solution and office equipment that's up to the task. Here's why your Chicago company should take steps now to deploy mobile printing:

Find the Right Office Equipment Provider by Asking the Right Questions

Chicago office equipment

Choosing an office equipment provider for your Chicago business is an important step that can have a lasting impact. When researching vendors in the Chicago area, you'll want to ask the right questions. Here are a few to help you get started.

The Right Questions

1. Who are your technology partners? For the best in next-generation office equipment, you need access to industry-leading technology partners. Make sure your vendor partners with names well known within the office equipment industry.

Ready to Make Your Office Equipment Checklist?

Chicago office equipment

If you've been looking at new printers and you're a little overwhelmed with the vast number of choices, that's understandable. Not surprisingly, advances in office equipment are keeping pace with other technologies, and it's a bit of a challenge to stay informed.

The good news is, businesses are more likely than ever to find office equipment that can help speed up productivity, introduce new efficiencies, and reduce costs—all at the same time.

Add a Color Printer to Your Line-up of Office Equipment

Chicago office equipment

Is there a color printer in your Chicago company's office equipment line-up? There should be! While there's no need to spring for the cost of color printing for short-term or interoffice documents, a little bit of color on your customer-facing materials can help draw attention where you want it most.

The Power of Color

Color printing draws the reader in and is a powerful tool for directing your customer's attention to your most important information.

The Value of a Maintenance Contract

Chicago office equipment

Ignoring equipment maintenance when everything works smoothly is easy. In fact, ignoring regular upkeep for anything that's working well just comes naturally. But we all know that the why fix it if it ain't broke adage only applies some of the time. The more frequent scenario is just the opposite—ignoring it means it probably will break, and much sooner than you expected.

Lease or Buy? The Benefits of Both

Chicago office equipment

Quality office equipment is essential to your Chicago company's success. New office technologies can improve productivity, reduce costs, and improve employee morale. Once you've decided to upgrade your printers or copiers, your next decision is whether a lease or purchase is the better choice for your company. There are advantages to both options; we've listed some of the most common here.

Three Critical Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Equipment

Chicago office equipment

While temperamental copiers have long been a dependable source for a good joke or two, there's nothing funny about it when your office equipment causes you to miss a major deadline. Keeping outdated office equipment in production may seem like a good way to keep expenses in line, but like many such situations, eventually repair costs and downtimes outstrip the cost of replacement.

Five Ways to Reduce Your Printing Costs

Chicago office equipment

Printing may be a requirement for your Chicago business, but there's no reason to pay more than you need to for document printing. With printing costs as high as 3-15% of annual revenues for many businesses, it's an area that could benefit from some closer scrutiny.

Five Tips to Slash Costs

It's not necessary to get rid of your print-related office equipment just yet. You can substantially reduce printing costs with some simple, yet effective, adjustments. Here are five easy ones to help you get started.


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