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Colleges and universities see considerable staff and student traffic each day, putting a great deal of financial and technical stress on print devices. The need to curb waste as well as secure documents per FERPA guidelines continually remain a challenge.

Multiple challenges that exist in today’s work environment:

To perform everyday tasks and avoid diminished productivity, higher education facilities have a growing dependency on technology. The more complex the systems, the higher the risk of a breakdown or an inadvertent glitch.


Higher education facilities are challenged with a complicated network of IT software, servers, and equipment to integrate and oversee for uninterrupted operations.


An overwhelming amount of paper, documents, and data to track and manage can slow production and expansion.


A never-ending threat to data security, backups, and storage endangers business continuity.

At Proven IT, we know higher education. We know how to:
  • Curb print waste with “Find Me” print on-demand. When one printer goes down, jobs pile up in the queue, eventually releasing when a jam is released, causing large piles of paper waste. Simply send a job to a print server and release from any device on campus with a PIN or card swipe
  • Ensure sensitive documents aren’t released to public facing devices, enabling your organization to stay compliant
  • Print on-demand documents such as schedules and course information directly from your Multifunction Device (MFD), including Canon, Toshiba and Xerox
  • Help your organization recoup costs on student/staff printing through charge-back systems
  • Enable mobile printing through web printing integration; universal print drivers allow non-domain devices to submit jobs to the server and release from any device on campus


Your ONE source solution provider

Your ONE source solution provider.

  • Office Technology
    • Printing Hubs for safety, security, and cost savings with fewer devices
    • “Follow me Printing” that eliminates downtime by storing print jobs in a customizable queue that can be retrieved at any printer

    Green solutions that reduce waste, while offering sustainable equipment with recyclable materials

  • Print Services
    • Greater efficiency through routing jobs with full-control monitoring
    • Ease of supply, maintenance, and support with consolidation of devices within your fleet
    • Greater security with “Follow me Printing,” eliminating the need for unsecured, expensive desktop printers
    • Savings in time and supplies leading to reduced costs and diminished environmental impact
  • DOC Management
    • Greater efficiency with instant distribution of important documents to recipients you determine, customizable priority reminders, and routing hierarchy
    • Added security that ensures your company documents cannot be lost or stolen
    • Convenience with scalability to suit your needs and specific routing to departments or personnel you want to include
    • Improved productivity with time-saving electronic forms that automatically populate with standard information
    • Cost savings and green solutions with the elimination of many, if not most, paper documents
  • IT Solutions
    • Supplementing or filling in for current IT staff
    • Partnering with your internal group to keep workflow efficient, organized, and productive
    • Augmenting your IT staff with help for projects
    • Full back-up solutions plus disaster and recovery services
    • Help desk access via phone and online
    • System monitoring
    • Proactive maintenance
  • Voice Integration
    • Choosing the right system for your needs
    • Adding and servicing equipment
    • Installing phone lines
    • Adding voicemail
    • Changing extensions
    • Reprogramming phones

    Bundled and dispatched service calls with our other equipment and services


It’s been great working with Proven IT and Tory Cosich! He's always available and follows up to make sure everything is tended to. Everything has been so simple with the printers, copiers, and scanners installed at both of our campuses. Their service technicians are outstanding and communicate with our department during the complete process of the service call. Proven IT has all of the latest solutions to help our organization keep pace with the cutting edge technology that is introduced and I am grateful for that, but the thing I like most about Proven IT is their attitude of customer service, it is not just their name on their door, it is their reputation, one customer at a time.

Matt Sherman
Manager Document Services/Depaul University
Multiple challenges. ONE solution.

Proven IT is the ONE solution to your institution’s productivity. How? We simplify.

With our ONE solution approach, you will see money- and time-saving efficiencies through a comprehensive planned technology program.

Proven IT ONE solution ensures:

  • Issues are resolved faster with just ONE source of accountability
  • Unified goals are reached with ONE vendor instead of many
  • Controlled documentation is achieved with ONE source for passwords, backups, and data storage
  • Integration issues are eliminated with ONE source for history, passwords, updates, upgrades, and patches
  • Service and maintenance calls can be combined with ONE source for economies of scale

Discover the ONE solution to all your productivity challenges. 

Discover the ONE solution for all your business productivity challenges.
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