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Today’s schools face a myriad of challenges that can overwhelm, if not threaten productivity — from a deluge of paperwork and data, to a complex network of IT and an unyielding threat to data security and storage.

Multiple challenges that exist in today’s work environment:

To perform everyday tasks and avoid diminished productivity, schools have a growing dependency on technology. The more complex the systems, the higher the risk of a breakdown or an inadvertent glitch.


Schools are challenged with a complicated network of IT software, servers, and equipment to integrate and oversee for uninterrupted operations.


An overwhelming amount of paper, documents, and data to track and manage can slow production and expansion.


A never-ending threat to data security, backups, and storage endangers business continuity.

At Proven IT, we know K-12 education. We know how to:
  • Successfully navigate a tight budget and public leasing guidelines to make the most of your schools’ investments, while still delivering on your needs
  • Effectively deal with the storage and management of the mountains of paperwork and documents required in your environment
  • Keep your schools up to speed and running seamlessly with unlimited end-user support and training, something most other IT vendors don’t offer
  • Work to service your needs at optimal times in the educational calendar, scheduling service during breaks and holidays throughout the year
  • Rotate IT equipment with fleet optimum management to help manage heavy wear and tear typical at educational institutions
  • Understand proprietary educational software and integrate it into your systems
  • Eliminate downtime and maximize productivity to ensure teachers spend their time teaching rather than learning software or systems

Your ONE source solution provider.

  • Office Technology
    • Printing Hubs for safety, security, and cost savings with fewer devices
    • “Follow me Printing” that eliminates downtime by storing print jobs in a customizable queue that can be retrieved at any printer

    Green solutions that reduce waste, while offering sustainable equipment with recyclable materials

  • Print Services
    • Greater efficiency through routing jobs with full-control monitoring
    • Ease of supply, maintenance, and support with consolidation of devices within your fleet
    • Greater security with “Follow me Printing,” eliminating the need for unsecured, expensive desktop printers
    • Savings in time and supplies leading to reduced costs and diminished environmental impact
  • DOC Management
    • Greater efficiency with instant distribution of important documents to recipients you determine, customizable priority reminders, and routing hierarchy
    • Added security that ensures your company documents cannot be lost or stolen
    • Convenience with scalability to suit your needs and specific routing to departments or personnel you want to include
    • Improved productivity with time-saving electronic forms that automatically populate with standard information
    • Cost savings and green solutions with the elimination of many, if not most, paper documents
  • IT Solutions
    • Supplementing or filling in for current IT staff
    • Partnering with your internal group to keep workflow efficient, organized, and productive
    • Augmenting your IT staff with help for projects
    • Full back-up solutions plus disaster and recovery services
    • Help desk access via phone and online
    • System monitoring
    • Proactive maintenance
  • Voice Integration
    • Choosing the right system for your needs
    • Adding and servicing equipment
    • Installing phone lines
    • Adding voicemail
    • Changing extensions
    • Reprogramming phones
    • Bundled and dispatched service calls with our other equipment and services


“Students are most creative when they are engaged and unrestricted. PROVEN IT helps facilitate this level of learning with print technology solutions that enable students to thrive in the classroom environment. By standardizing the School District with PROVEN IT, we continue to experience a better ROI than offered by the competition.”

Lee Ann Taylor
Director of Fiscal Services, Barrington CUSD 220

“Brian Badke and Chris Van Eck at Proven IT worked together with our team to optimize our printing culture. Their vision was to help push our school into a more efficient printing environment. They carefully planned a solution by meeting with our team and analyzing our print use and needs. They recommended Papercut to help us monitor and control printing for our staff and students. Now we’re in full control of our printing budget and we’ve definitely noticed a lot less print waste.”

Dan Riordan
Superintendent/Reavis High School District 220
Multiple challenges. ONE solution.

Proven IT is the ONE solution to your institution’s productivity. How? We simplify.

With our ONE solution approach, you will see money- and time-saving efficiencies through a comprehensive planned technology program.

Proven IT ONE solution ensures:

  • Issues are resolved faster with just ONE source of accountability
  • Unified goals are reached with ONE vendor instead of many
  • Controlled documentation is achieved with ONE source for passwords, backups, and data storage
  • Integration issues are eliminated with ONE source for history, passwords, updates, upgrades, and patches
  • Service and maintenance calls can be combined with ONE source for economies of scale

Discover the ONE solution to all your productivity challenges. 

Discover the ONE solution for all your business productivity challenges.
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