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Digitize the Past

Proven IT’s scanning solutions allow your organization the ability to clean up years of archived hard copies to create a digital repository.  If you have years worth of documents stored in closets taking up unnecessary space, let Proven IT digitize your past to make room for your future.

Scan, Store, Retrieve

Gain the ability to retrieve documents, either out of the office or working from home, under any circumstances. Through a proven, secure process, our specialists conduct a walk through of your location to determine and quote the amount of boxes you’ll need to digitize. Let us clear out your unorganized, difficult to navigate, and frustrating archived physical boxes of old documents and build a digital repository for instant document retrieval.

First, we’ll visit your organization to determine how many boxes you’d like to have digitized and schedule a pick up date that works for you.

We will provide labels for tagging the boxes of files before they are brought to our secure facility. This enables us to track the progress of the files and keep everything organized. You’ll know that what was picked up is the same as what goes back at the end of the process. 

Using a secure and proprietary process, our engineers build a custom Laserfiche repository with complete folder structure, templates, and workflows for your files. We provide user-training to ensure your staff knows the ins and outs of your new digital repository.

Your documents are then prepped and individually scanned into Laserfiche. A Scanning Team Member will check each file for staples, paperclips, post-it notes and other items to ensure every page is successfully scanned. Specially designed software rotates, deskews, despeckles, and removes blank pages.

Finally, all pages are returned to their original physical box and delivered back to your facility upon completion.

Proven IT is proud to be listed in the 2020 Laserfiche Winners Circle

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