Mobile Printing Boosts Employee Productivity

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The majority of knowledge workers say they would like access to a mobile printing solution. For many, this means a better way to work and use their time. As an employer, it means increased efficiency and productivity. If your Chicago company's copiers aren't mobile print-enabled, you're missing out on an opportunity to accomplish more in less time.

6 Tips to Avoid Equipment Downtime

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Your copiers and printers contribute to your Chicago company's business processes and ultimately, your success. When equipment downtime impacts your workflows, you need expert print repair, and you need it fast.

How Scanning Saves Time and Money for the AEC Industry

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The AEC industry is in a unique position to benefit from office equipment with state-of-the-art scanning capabilities.

Three Ways to Protect Your Network from the Next Ransomware Attack

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While there's no way you missed the headlines about the WannaCry ransomware attack in May of this year, you may have missed something else. You're human, and you've got a business to operate, and updates sometimes get overlooked or take a back burner. In the case of the latest ransomware attack, that's just what hackers were hoping for.

If you'd rather not be among the frustrated and furious victims of the next ransomware or other malicious attacks, it's critical to take precautions now. Tomorrow, as many others have learned, may be one day too late.

Five Ways Multifunction Copiers Make Office Life Easier

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Smart business leaders have recognized that staying competitive in an increasingly digital world means saying goodbye to paper-heavy processes. Scanning documents and automating processes using multifunction copiers can help companies reduce their dependence on paper.

Three Ways to Go Green in the Office

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There's no question that environmentally responsibility begins with the individual, but businesses have a critical role to play as well. Here are three solutions that will help your organization save the environment while also saving you time and money.

1. How Much Room Are You Taking Up?

Businesses and organizations that rely heavily on paper-centric processes need more office space to complete daily tasks. Here's why:

Two Equipment Must-Haves to Help Healthcare Facilities Go Paperless

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The challenges faced by the Chicago healthcare industry are unique, and that includes the sharing and storage of information. Hospitals and small facilities alike need fast access to patient information, but HIPAA and HITECH mandates require strict security protocols. Balancing easy access with ironclad security is no small task.

Ask the Right Questions to Find the Right IT Services Partner

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You've decided it's time to outsource your IT infrastructure to a professional IT Services Provider. You've made a wise choice—one that will give your Chicago company disruption-free network and servers and your staff time to focus on core business objectives.

Preparing for the Copier Removal Process

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If you're adding new copiers to your Chicago office equipment line-up, you probably have one or more devices you'll need to take out of service. The process doesn't need to be complicated, but a lot depends on your equipment provider and the agreement you made when you first purchased or leased your copiers.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Printers in Top Condition

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Your documents drive your Chicago company's business processes, and your copiers and printers are at the center of most of them. Proactive maintenance and high-quality print repair are essential to keep your devices performing at their best. Read on for some tips on how to avoid everything from poor quality images to a shortened device lifespan.


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