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Compliance Services

Does Your Industry Require Legal Compliance?

Align your business to meet industry standards.

As we become more digitally connected, businesses of every size and industry are being held responsible to remain up to date with various regulations. For a customer-facing business this means keeping up to date on data security rules, customer and patient information, and national or international standards. Failure can result in significant fines and legal repercussions. For many small and medium-sized businesses, keeping up with HIPAA, PCI, PII, and more typically requires a dedicated team of compliance experts. This can be costly.

If you cannot afford an in-house team, outsourcing compliance to Proven IT is a great solution.

What are Compliance Services?

Proven IT offers clients a compliance solution consisting of a set of procedures and processes, including document automation that permits your organization to operate according to regulatory, and statutory requirements. We address the four types of compliance business owners need to consider: state, national and international regulatory compliance, HR compliance, data compliance, and health and safety compliance. Our solutions add transparency and reduce or eliminate the risk of regulatory compliance breaches. A streamlined and efficient compliance process can save both time and money.

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Business Compliance Challenges

Regulations are constantly changing, and legal compliance is becoming necessary for more industries creating the following challenges:

Legal and Liability Concerns

Failure to comply or negligence can result in legal trouble for your business. Compliance can help you avoid legal issues like work stoppages, lawsuits, and hefty legal fees.

Data Security

Many industries are heavily regulated, for example, the healthcare industry and finance. By maintaining regular compliance, you are implementing protections against risks like data breaches.

Breach of Payment Card Information

A breach of customer data can ruin your reputation. The PCI Data Security Standard can help protect customer data and keep you in compliance.

Monitoring Risks and Maintaining Compliance

Risk management and compliance go hand in hand. Informing your staff about their responsibilities in compliance efforts and conducting regular internal audits can help.

Proven IT Compliance Solutions

Productivity Gains

  • Prevent compliance violations that create work stoppages or affect productivity.
  • Streamline compliance processes to save time and money.
  • Automating processes and electronic document management can improve compliance efficiency.

Cost Savings

  • Automating processes can lower the costs involved with compliance record keeping.
  • Non-compliance can result in legal costs, significant fines, and more. Proven IT can help avoid these pitfalls.
  • Lower the risk of breaches that can bring fines, business interruption and the indirect costs of reputation damage.

Risk Mitigation

  • Maintain required documentation and reporting to comply with industry standards. 
  • Reduces the risks of penalties and fines for non-compliance including lawyer fees, auditors, and other advisors working to resolve any issues with regulators.
  • Failure to comply with international regulations such as import taxes or forgetting necessary documentation can leave you unable to do business. Strict regulatory compliance can eliminate these risks.
Proven IT

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Proven IT Compliance Services will help you keep your business running and legally compliant with all state, federal, and international regulations, and regulatory bodies. When you partner with Proven IT for Compliance Services you will be working with experienced professionals who prioritize your business and offer personal service. Our people are among the best in the nation at what they do.