Ready to Make Your Office Equipment Checklist?

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If you've been looking at new printers and you're a little overwhelmed with the vast number of choices, that's understandable. Not surprisingly, advances in office equipment are keeping pace with other technologies, and it's a bit of a challenge to stay informed.

The good news is, businesses are more likely than ever to find office equipment that can help speed up productivity, introduce new efficiencies, and reduce costs—all at the same time.

Plan Ahead for Catastrophic Data Loss

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disaster /di-'zas-ter/ noun an unexpected event leading to unfortunate consequences.

What comes to mind when you think of the word disaster? A tornado or flash flood? Most of us define a disaster as a catastrophic event brought on by the forces of nature. For most businesses, the chances are relatively small that a natural disaster will result in enough damage to close down operations, but if you're gambling that the sun will continue to shine on your Chicago company, you may want to reconsider.

Common Sense Office Equipment Safety Tips

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One of the easiest ways to reduce costs in your Chicago offices is to take great care of your office equipment. Routine maintenance and safe operating procedures can go a long way toward keeping your printers and copiers in top operating condition.

Safety First

Many of the routines that keep your copiers in good condition are also common-sense safety procedures. From rogue liquids to cord damage, there's a lot you can do to protect both your equipment and your employees.

Reduce Downtime With a Print Repair Agreement

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It's an unfortunate truth that when your printer goes down, a lot of other things go down right along with it. Whether it's a critical manual for an employee training session, the flier that was supposed to go out with this month's invoices (also delayed), or the contract to finalize a major deal, there's never a right time for a printer malfunction.

Prepare for the Inevitable

Whether your Chicago print devices are a few years old or a recent purchase, it's always best to prepare in advance for downtimes.

Add a Color Printer to Your Line-up of Office Equipment

Chicago office equipment

Is there a color printer in your Chicago company's office equipment line-up? There should be! While there's no need to spring for the cost of color printing for short-term or interoffice documents, a little bit of color on your customer-facing materials can help draw attention where you want it most.

The Power of Color

Color printing draws the reader in and is a powerful tool for directing your customer's attention to your most important information.

Patient Privacy: Real Threats Require Real Solutions

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Increased privacy regulations along with stiff penalties for noncompliance mean Chicago healthcare facilities must do all they can to shore up data security. A 2016 Ponemon Institute study cites cybercrime as the leading cause of data loss among healthcare facilities, followed by employee errors, stolen devices, and complications involving third-parties.

With so much at stake, protecting proprietary patient data must take center stage as your healthcare organization prepares to meet ongoing challenges.

Say Hello to Your New Translator

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Chicago companies depend on their office technologies to keep business moving forward. Multifunction copiers and printers have now become essential tools, providing a full line of capabilities to improve productivity and reduce costs. The basic features usually include:

Repair or Replace?

Chicago Print Repair

As with any equipment, it can be baffling to decide at what point to invest in a replacement. Many factors come into play, including TCO, manufacturer support, and whether equipment problems are impacting your Chicago company's productivity. At some point the real question that needs answering is this: Should you invest money in print repair or opt for a replacement instead? Here's how to decide.

The Value of a Maintenance Contract

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Ignoring equipment maintenance when everything works smoothly is easy. In fact, ignoring regular upkeep for anything that's working well just comes naturally. But we all know that the why fix it if it ain't broke adage only applies some of the time. The more frequent scenario is just the opposite—ignoring it means it probably will break, and much sooner than you expected.

One Network Vulnerability Is All It Takes

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It's impossible not to be aware of the major data breaches impacting businesses around the world in the past several years. Almost without exception, these breaches have devastating consequences for the business, largely because of the effect they have on their customers.

I have a file folder full of letters from organizations warning me that they've fallen victim to hackers. Without exception, they're apologetic but can offer me little in exchange except for a free credit report. Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.


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