Copier Uptime or Downtime? The Choice Is Simple

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up-time /noun/ The total time a computer or other device is available for use.

When you think of your copiers, does the word uptime come to mind, or is its opposite—downtime—a more frequent state of affairs? If you'd like to experience more of the former in your Chicago office, you've come to the right place.

Five Critical Reasons to Upgrade Your Imaging Technologies

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You spend most of your time concentrating on growing your Chicago business, and rightly so. Small irritations like an aging printer may occasionally vie for your attention, but it's easy to put such concerns on the back burner. Eventually, however, out-of-date office equipment begins to impede productivity and growth.

Lease or Buy? The Benefits of Both

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Quality office equipment is essential to your Chicago company's success. New office technologies can improve productivity, reduce costs, and improve employee morale. Once you've decided to upgrade your printers or copiers, your next decision is whether a lease or purchase is the better choice for your company. There are advantages to both options; we've listed some of the most common here.

How Technology is Changing the Way We Bank

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Gartner predicts that soon 60% of banks worldwide will rely upon cloud technology to process transactions. With consumers relying more and more on digital processes, this should come as no surprise.

To prepare for this paradigm shift financial institutions are rethinking their traditional reliance upon the brick-and-mortar model. The truth is, already some banking clients haven't visited a physical branch in years, relying instead on the digital banking experience.

Three No-Brainer Hacks to Save on Printing Costs

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Most business owners and managers can't say for certain how much their organization spends on printing; nonetheless, most agree on one point—it's way too much. Solutions like switching to multifunction printers and copiers and Managed Print Services are critical for real savings, but there are several cost-cutting steps your Chicago organization can take in the meantime.

What Should You Do With Your Old Printer?

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If your old printer has finally seen its final day of faithful service and you're ready to send it out the door, you may be wondering what to do next.

Non-working imaging technologies can't just sit on the curb for the next trash pick-up day, so what should you do? Here are a few tips to make the process a little bit easier.

Three Critical Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Equipment

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While temperamental copiers have long been a dependable source for a good joke or two, there's nothing funny about it when your office equipment causes you to miss a major deadline. Keeping outdated office equipment in production may seem like a good way to keep expenses in line, but like many such situations, eventually repair costs and downtimes outstrip the cost of replacement.

Keeping Ahead of The IT Game

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DIY may be the latest trend when it comes to home improvement projects, but the Design-It-Yourself Network doesn't leave much time to focus on running your business. For a custom network design that works for your Chicago company's unique requirements, IT Services provides the guidance you simply can't afford to do without. Here's why:

Don't Ignore Preventative Copier Maintenance

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Whether it's your car or your copiers, repairs are inevitable. It's also true that ignoring preventative maintenance is a guaranteed fast-track to parts breakdowns and other failures. To keep downtimes to a minimum, careful upkeep of your copiers and other devices is imperative. Here are some proven methods to help your Chicago business stay on top of maintenance.

3 Ways a Print Repair Service Agreement Eliminates Stress

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In today's fast-paced business environment, the last thing you need is another roadblock to productivity. Read on to discover how a print repair service agreement can help your Chicago business keep up with demand.


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