Five Ways to Reduce Your Printing Costs

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Printing may be a requirement for your Chicago business, but there's no reason to pay more than you need to for document printing. With printing costs as high as 3-15% of annual revenues for many businesses, it's an area that could benefit from some closer scrutiny.

Five Tips to Slash Costs

It's not necessary to get rid of your print-related office equipment just yet. You can substantially reduce printing costs with some simple, yet effective, adjustments. Here are five easy ones to help you get started.

Is Your Company Well Prepared for Disaster?

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Even if you routinely back up your Chicago company's data, it doesn't necessarily follow that you're good to go. It's a common mistake to assume by backing up your data you're prepared for a disaster. For example, what if a fire or flood destroys your servers? After the initial shock of a catastrophe wears off, your primary goal will be to get back into business as soon as possible.

Donating Your Old Copiers? Stop Everything and Do This First!

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No one would even consider donating or reselling their old computer without first checking (and then double-checking) to make sure their data wipe was successful, yet every day, individuals and businesses make this mistake with their copiers and multifunction printers. Read on to learn why a copier isn't just a copier, and what you should do to keep your data secure.

6 Tips to Protect Your Printer Investment

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You've invested a lot in your Chicago organization's copiers and printers, and you depend on them to keep projects on schedule. A little routine maintenance can go a long way toward getting the most from your imaging devices.

Six Easy Fixes

Below are a few basic maintenance tips and preventative measures to help you keep your devices in good operating condition.

Is Your Printer HIPPA Compliant?

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HIPAA compliance is no small matter for healthcare providers, and we understand that. There are so many aspects to HIPAA compliance that it is easier than you may think to miss an entire area of interest. One such area that is easy to miss is your printer fleet. You may think of your printers as something documents simply pass through; those documents are safe because they are later filed or destroyed properly. However, there is more to your printers than meets the eye. They are a hub of information, not just passing through, but also being stored.

How Outsourcing Benefits Your Business

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When you are running a business, whether as an owner or manager, it is easy to think that you are the one who can do everything the best. Unfortunately, this mindset makes for endless work hours and not enough time to do everything as well as you actually would if you only had the time. This also applies to expanding your company's time and resources. Are there duties and responsibilities you could be outsourcing? It could benefit your company big time.

Improving Your Doctor's Office with a Copier

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In a doctor's office, there is admittedly a lot going on at once. There are incoming patients, patients on their way out, insurance filing, patient information to take care of, and so much more. Your staff does a great job of keeping things organized, but they are honestly fighting an uphill battle with stacks of paper floating around the office, making neat (or often messy) piles. The other problem with this is that patient information is confidential, so it is dangerous to have information sitting around the office for too long. What could remedy this dilemma?

Give Your Printer Some Love

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They're a part of your team; they help you with everyday projects; they are there to help you prep for every meeting, client interaction and event. They are your office printers. Now, we won't pretend that they are always easy to work with in the day to day office. Some printers are tardy, taking longer than you'd like to spit out information. Others get stuck on a job by jamming. But ultimately, these printers serve you well, especially the high-quality ones. So how do you return that favor and increase the lifespan of your current printer fleet? A little TLC might be just the thing.

Toner 101

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We live in a world of convenience. Increasingly, things are being automated as technology improves, and it is easy to use something every single day without really understanding the ins and outs of the tool. Your printer may be one of these. That might seem silly, but really, there's a lot that goes into the whirring sound followed by a brightly colored piece of media for your business to use at their next event. One of the most important aspects of each and every print you make is the toner. Let's delve a little deeper into what toner is and what you should know about it.


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