Is Your Printer a Security Threat?

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Security is an incredibly important issue among businesses, and most businesses owners take it quite seriously. Depending on your line of work, you may be handling simple, confidential information such as customer names, email addresses, and phone numbers, or you could have incredibly sensitive information pertaining to legal issues. Whatever the case, security is absolutely paramount. What if we told you that there is a part of your office that is often overlooked when security measures are taken?

Office Security Involves Your Printers

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The subject of office security is always a buzz, and as well it should be. There is no day that a business could not be completely ruined by the wrong information being made public. Even grocery stores handle individual customer's private information, so imagine the devastation that could occur to a law firm whose information was stolen or hacked. One area of office security that is very easy to overlook is that of your office printer. In fact, it is much more complicated these days because you likely have so much more than just an office printer.

To Buy or to Fix: The Ultimate Office Equipment Question

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Your office printer has served you well, we hope, but is she worth fixing one more time? We would like to offer you some pros and cons to fixing your old printer vs. purchasing a new model. After all, most businesses depend rather heavily on their printing equipment, so it is an important question to ask yourself.

Fixing The Old Machine

Some benefits that could be considered when you're thinking of fixing your old machine are these:

Have You Started Online Supply Ordering?

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Ink and toner. Without them, your printers and copiers are just fancy pieces of metal and plastic. But they're expensive and a pain to purchase, and more than likely, you constantly feel like you're out of them at the least convenient times possible. Maybe it's time to simplify your supply ordering and go online.

Digital Threats as Common as a Cold

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There was a time when disaster recovery plans mentioned things like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters. And although today's disaster recovery plans prepare for these emergencies as well, there are new, much more critical threats to consider: hacking, malware attacks, and other digital threats.

Tips for Purchasing Your Next Copier

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Office space, check. A new sign outside, check. Desks, check. Computers, check. What's next? Probably copiers.

How to Replace Your Laser Toner Cartridge

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Sometimes your printer seems like it's on strike; it malfunctions, mysteriously shuts down, or puts lines on your paper. These problems can be harder to fix, but every once in a while your printer problem has an easy remedy—for instance, when it's time to replace your toner cartridge.

Replacing Your Toner Cartridge

For laser printers, replacing a toner cartridge is relatively simple. Follow these instructions, and you should be up and running in no time.

This Tiny Scanner Packs a Productivity Punch

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When you envision a scanner, do you imagine something bulky, something connected to the wall, and something you couldn't lift easily? If so, you haven't seen the Canon imageFORMULA P-150 Personal Document Scanner, a portable and compact scanner with all the features you need.

How to Protect Your Business from Malware

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Does your business operate a computer (or ten)? Or maybe over a hundred? Most companies these days can't do day-to-day operations without their trusty technologies like computers, tablets, and smartphones. But every single one of those devices you rely on is a window into your business's information, and could be the entry point for malware.

Is Your Print Environment Safe?

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As a business professional, security is likely at the top of your priority list. With data breaches often in the news, keeping information safe is often at the forefront of business owners' minds. But many companies only think about securing their digital information contained and accessed through computers—which, although important, isn't the only kind of information they create and house on a daily basis. This leaves a hole in security in one important area: your print environment.


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