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Our Tech Solutions for Education

Empowering Minds in Charter Schools and Beyond

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Proven IT is a dedicated supporter of The Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) in its mission to elevate education. We collaborate closely with INCS, leveraging innovative technology solutions to empower charter schools in transforming lives and communities.

By aligning our expertise with their vision, we work hand-in-hand with policymakers, school leaders, and communities to ensure that high-quality technology integrates seamlessly into charter school systems, fostering equitable and exceptional educational experiences for all.



Expertise and Guidance for Education

At Proven IT, we're more than tech problem solvers; we're strategic partners for schools. With specialized knowledge, 24/7 support, and proactive maintenance, we ensure uninterrupted learning with our educational technology support services. We empower educators through training, aligning technology with teaching methods, and planning for the future, making us committed allies in transforming education with managed technology solutions for education.

Our Proven People possess specialized knowledge, ensuring educators grasp technology's full potential and its alignment with their teaching methods. Through close collaboration, we aid in strategic planning, evaluating existing systems, and crafting future-proof strategies for seamless technology integration, specifically tailored for education and charter schools.

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Strategic Planning

Strategically planned tailored tech solutions for schools, ensuring effective integration and success within educational settings.

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Expert Training

Empower teachers, enhancing their abilities to excel through optimized utilization and support of advanced tools.

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Proactive Security

Safety with proactive cybersecurity measures and advanced security camera systems, safeguarding data and the school environment.

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Assess your educational technology.

Walk yourself through a series of questions designed by experts to get a quick and easy technology readiness score. Uncover tailored, managed technology solutions for education to enhance efficiency, productivity, and security, optimizing your school.


Get next level IT solutions for education.


Seamless integration for school technology management.

Experience seamless technology integration tailored for educational needs at Proven IT. Our commitment goes beyond the process; it’s about empowering educators to focus on nurturing minds. Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted learning environments and streamlined administrative processes, our dedicated approach ensures minimal disruption.

We believe technology should enhance—not interrupt—the educational journey. That’s why we offer comprehensive training and steadfast support, enabling educators to dedicate their energy to shaping bright futures with our managed technology solutions for charter schools.


Get a thorough assessment of your school's infrastructure, offering detailed insights and education-specific recommendations for tailored tech solutions.


Our Proven People strategize a roadmap, outlining precise technology approaches to elevate teaching, streamline administration, and fortify security measures.


Get detailed measurements of existing IT infrastructure, security, software, device inventory, user needs, staff readiness, and educational goals.

The Next Level

Our solutions are monitored, fine-tuned, and adjusted to ensure on-going optimization and continuous improvement, so your school can achieve educational excellence at a new level.

Educational Partnerships in the INCS and Beyond

Our track record spans across diverse educational settings, including K-12 schools, universities, and specialized learning centers. Leveraging our expertise, we’ve empowered these institutions to easily navigate complex technological landscapes.

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