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Elevating Excellence

Our Commitment to Youth and Technology Advancement

Galaxy Soccer Club girls team celebrating a win by running onto the field together while excited.
Galaxy Soccer Club Logo
As we sponsor the Galaxy Soccer Club, we recognize the parallel between the dedication these young athletes put into their training and the commitment we extend to our clients. Just as we strive to level up our clients' technological prowess, we are equally driven to level up the skills, confidence, and teamwork of Galaxy players. Our sponsorship signifies more than just financial support; it's a pledge to foster growth and excellence in every endeavor.

Our Shared Values

Proven IT’s sponsorship of the Galaxy Soccer Club is a strategic alignment of values, a commitment to community empowerment, and an opportunity to build meaningful partnerships. Together, we rise to the challenge of creating a better future—both on and off the field.

Little girl proudly presents her medal from soccer.

Growth and Excellence

Our parallel commitment to enhancing clients’ technological capabilities mirrors our focus on empowering young athletes to achieve their utmost potential. This shared ethos establishes a robust basis for collaboration, allowing us to significantly contribute to the advancement of both technology and talent development.

Youth boys Galaxy Soccer team celebrating together.

Community Empowerment

Galaxy and Proven IT promote our dedication to nurturing young talent and fostering a culture of growth. As these players develop their skills, teamwork, and leadership on the field, they build a solid foundation for success off the field. Our commitment extends to shaping the future, ensuring technology and young athletes thrive.

Two Galaxy Soccer Club teammates high fiving.

Building Partnerships

We’re strengthening our relationship with the club and forging connections with families, coaches, and the wider community. This collaborative approach mirrors our approach to working with clients, where we strive to build lasting partnerships based on trust, innovation, and shared goals.

Our partnership with Galaxy SC resonates with our commitment to community and personal development. We're thrilled to contribute to Galaxy's development of these youth athletes-- taking their skills to the next level on and off the field.

Brett CosichCOO, Proven IT

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