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At Proven IT, we take pride in our strategic collaboration with Abaxent, LLC, an award-winning technology solutions and consulting firm based in Pewaukee. Through this partnership, we can offer comprehensive leasing options designed to empower our clients with the flexibility they need to acquire essential equipment, software, or services without the burden of upfront capital investments.

Insights into Abaxent’s Leadership and Impact

Heading Abaxent is the esteemed Adonica Randall, serving as President and CEO. Abaxent is the only technology solutions company that is a certified minority/woman-owned business by an African American. Ms. Randall’s advocacy extends to empowering women in pursuit of careers in STEM fields and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. She is a respected authority on topics ranging from STEAM initiatives to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in technology, as well as fostering joint venture partnerships. Additionally, her contributions as an associate professor within Alverno College’s Department of Computer Sciences underscore her commitment to educational excellence.

We sat down with Ms. Randall to talk about Abaxent, the leasing business, its impact on minority groups and the community, and the advice she would give to other aspiring minority groups.

Question: Why did you get into the leasing business?

Adonica Randall: When we do IT infrastructure and big, large, multimillion-dollar projects, we bring in a lot of smaller companies under us. For them to do what they need to do, a lot of times they have to invest in something; hardware, software, etc. and they don’t have the money to do that. Leasing allows them to control and manage their debt stream and keep up with technology. Since technology is evolving and turning over constantly, it’s very difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to stay in that stream and stay relevant and current. Leasing gives them the ability to do that.


Question: How has your business impacted the community and minority groups?

Adonica Randall: This avenue to purchase things gives them a way to participate where they may not have been able to participate before because they can’t afford the things that go with what they’re trying to do.


Question: What is the key to your success and what role does diversity play in your overall business strategy?

Adonica Randall: I would say the key is the connectivity that Abaxent Leasing has with other parts of the business. Because we do IT infrastructure, and that’s hardware, software, and services, being a broker, we have a multitude of avenues to go down and get those solutions. And then you also have the fact that it’s coming through a diverse company. If you care about diversity, equity and inclusion and if you care about environmental, social and governance, or any of those things that go with that, then that’s a way to spend money down one avenue and have Abaxent take care of all those pieces, rather than having somebody try to pull together six or seven, eight things.


Question: What advice would you give to other aspiring minority and women entrepreneurs in this field?

Adonica Randall: Find something they like to do. I get that question a lot, especially where women are concerned, and the answer is to find something you like. Don’t get into tech if you don’t like tech. Don’t get into leasing finance if you don’t like leasing finance. My leasing manager is walk-on water good. And the company he represents is a billion-dollar company. They know what they need to do and they’re very, very good at it.


Question: How has your partnership with Proven IT benefited your business?

Adonica Randall: It’s been very easy to work with Proven IT and it’s been enlightening: the kind of things that they do and the capabilities that they have. Those things translate into more of a customer base for both of us because the relationship allows us to represent their services through a diversity pipeline. It allows us to put the leasing on it, so you’ve got a good solid leasing partner. We also have a lot of customers that could benefit from what they do.

Thank you, Adonica Randall, for taking the time to talk with us and share your invaluable insights, expertise, and vision for a more inclusive and innovative future in the technology industry.

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