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Does your Chicago office equipment serve your needs adequately or are you getting by with single-function desktop devices? If your printers still just print documents, you’re missing out on some of the industry’s latest productivity-enhancing capabilities.

If your office equipment isn’t up to the latest standards, read on to find out what you could gain with some essential upgrades.

1. Wireless Connectivity

Networked printers and multifunction systems are the workhorses of the modern office, and there are systems available for businesses of all types and sizes. Here’s why you should care.

Wireless connectivity brings entirely new functionality to today’s office, and it’s just in time—the mobile workforce is expected to reach 75% in only two years. As more and more Chicago companies capitalize on the enhanced productivity of employees ready to take work out of the office, mobile printing solutions are a business essential. Remote workers need a secure, user-friendly solution to print from cell phones and tablets, no matter where they’re spending the day. For today’s Chicago company, networked office equipment is a business imperative.

2. Enhanced Security

Yesterday’s office equipment can’t hope to stand up to sophisticated hacking schemes. With more networked devices to worry about, security vulnerabilities are on the rise. Locking down these devices is as important as securing your computers. Here’s why.

Today’s multifunction copiers and printers use sophisticated technology and internal hard drives to store data and connect to networks. When they’re unprotected, hackers can infiltrate systems and view confidential documents without anyone’s knowledge. Password protection, data encryption, and pull printing solutions are crucial.

3. User-friendly Interfaces

Today’s multifunction systems come standard with touchscreen interfaces. The best solutions are customizable, allowing users to automate tasks, remove unnecessary options, and highlight critical features.

Is your Chicago office equipment up to the task? Contact us at Proven IT for a workflow and office equipment assessment today!

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