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Upgrading your Chicago print infrastructure is essential to your operations; getting by with aging technologies won’t work in an economy that increasingly depends on digital processes.

When you’re beginning your search for new printers and multifunction systems, part of the decision-making process centers around whether to lease or buy your equipment. For many of today’s growing businesses, leasing is the preferred choice.

Here are four reasons why so many Chicago business leaders choose leasing.

1. Financial Benefits

The latest print technologies may be essential to your business processes, but an outright purchase may be an expense your budget can’t accommodate. Leasing allows your company to acquire the equipment you need without tying up operating capital or lines of credit. And a fixed monthly payment makes it easy to work your lease into the budget.

2. Maintenance Perks

Lease agreements often include comprehensive maintenance plans. When you lease your Chicago print equipment, you won’t need to budget for repair costs and parts replacement. When the equipment provider retains ownership of your devices, the responsibility for maintaining and repairing them usually rests with them.

3. Faster Equipment Upgrades

Like any other technology, office equipment manufacturers are continually searching for new ways to improve their product. While these innovations are always welcome, keeping up with them can be a challenge for small business owners. While ownership has its advantages, it may prevent you from acquiring an upgrade when you should. Leasing your Chicago print devices allows you to streamline the upgrading process.

4. Tax Benefits

Lease payments usually qualify as operating expenses and can be deducted from your tax return. With no depreciation schedules to worry about, lease payments are easier to figure into your tax strategy.
Leasing equipment for your Chicago print fleet may be the best decision for your company. Get in touch with us at Proven IT to find out more today!

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