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Dysfunctional copiers and printers are great fodder for office jokes and social media memes, but there’s not much to laugh about when a breakdown happens in the middle of a critical print job. If your Chicago office’s copiers are in the habit of ruining your day, here’s how to beginning searching for a new one.

Ask the Experts

Looking for new copiers without knowing what you need is a bit like going to the grocery store without a list—you’ll have a cart full of stuff you don’t need and not nearly enough of the things you do. Solving the problem (both of them, actually) begins by taking stock and then making a comprehensive list of your needs.

  1. Ask the experts. The experts in this case are your office staff. Since they use your Chicago copiers more often than anyone, they’re in a great position to offer suggestions. They’ll know how many hours a stapling feature could save them each day and if your company could benefit from faxing capabilities. So ask away! Your employees can help you save time and money during your search for new copiers.
  2. Ask some more experts. Your office equipment and services provider knows a thing or two about copiers, so be sure to schedule an appointment with them as soon as possible. They’ll help you find copiers with monthly duty cycles rated to handle your print volumes and features that meet your requirements without going overboard. A managed print assessment can provide some needed insight.
  3. Consider something new. Are paper-based processes keeping your Chicago company from launching digital solutions? Multifunction copiers can fulfill your basic office requirements while also providing the features you need to implement electronic document management.

Ready to start looking? Contact Proven IT for assistance selecting the best multifunction copiers for your Chicago company today!

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