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Document security is a high priority for the modern business. With advancements in integrated office networks and digital documents, document security requires more effort than ever before. It is no longer as simple as locking a form in a filing cabinet; there are essential security measures needed to protect business data and information.

When it comes to document security, you don’t want your business to have to play catch-up with hackers. When a business’ information is breached, the costs can be devastating. Here are some tips to keep you ahead of the game in document security:

Document Classification System

A simple way to start protecting documents is by classifying (information classification or IC) them by type or by intended department. Categorizing will help distinguish who has viewing documents to specific documents. When an employee comes across a document they aren’t sure about; instead of opening the form to see if it is relevant to them, they can tell who is the intended reader by its classification.

Keep Your IC System Simple

When creating an information classification system, don’t feel like you need to make it a complicated system. Lower-level employees and employees with more information privileges should efficiently manage this system. Though you don’t want to have a binary system, where documents are labeled public or private, you also don’t need to create a different label for each document.

We recommend that your business uses less than ten default labels to classify documents for different employees and departments. This will give you a useful organizational structure for managing documents.

Assign Privileges

To secure documents within your business, assign privileges to each employee or department depending on their access needs. This protects documents if they are accidentally sent to someone who doesn’t have rights and will ensure that proper authentication methods are in place to protect documents.

Educate Employees

Many employees are not aware of the dangers businesses face when it comes to document security. While determining the causes of breaches is essential, training employees on how to use IC and why your company uses it is critical. The more time you put into teaching employees how to secure documents, the less time you’ll spend recovering from a breach.
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