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By now, no one can say they haven’t been warned about the possibility of a cyber attack. With high-profile breaches impacting every sector, from business and financial groups to education, healthcare, and government entities, few haven’t fallen prey to some form of attack. Here are a few of the more obvious repercussions facing victims of cybercrime:

  • Extensive damage to reputation
    Loss of income
  • Extended recovery times
  • Ongoing litigation and the legal fees
  • Loss of proprietary information

You Can Take Steps Now to Prevent an Attack

As millions of confidential documents and personal records continue to fall into the hands of criminals, small-to-medium businesses may become complacent, wondering if there’s any use in trying to ward off a data breach.

The fortunate truth is that there are steps your Chicago company can take to shore up security, back up your data, and avoid becoming a cyber criminal’s next victim.

Botnets, Malware, and More

Managed IT Services providers can take over management of your network, providing cutting-edge security solutions using the industry’s most trusted sources. Their system experts can conduct assessments, perform system updates, patch existing gaps, and pinpoint vulnerabilities and threats before they have a chance to infiltrate your network, computers, and mobile devices. With millions of botnets infecting computers and covertly skimming confidential information from across the world already, there’s no time to waste.

Engaging the help of a Managed IT Services partner is a smart move for your Chicago business. They’ll deploy industry best practices to make sure your systems are up-to-date, secure, and ready to serve your needs. Becoming a hacker’s next target isn’t an inevitability, but if you do nothing, the situation could change rapidly.

To find out more about expert Managed IT Services in the Chicago area, get in touch with our specialists at Proven IT today!

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