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Is your Chicago company committed to sustainable office practices? Document management systems can replace your reliance on paper-based processes and managed print services help reduce printing waste. With both of these strategies in place, your Chicago company is well on its way to a greener workplace. Here’s another way to go green in your office.

Get More from Your Copiers

Your Chicago copiers are central to your daily processes, and maintaining them is part of your strategy. Here are some steps you can take to reduce your equipment’s impact on the environment.

  1. Keep equipment out of landfills —Most of us know that electronics should not be added to landfills. Recycling initiatives help to keep plastics and metals out of the environment where they can contaminate water supplies and take years to break down.
  2. Lease your copiers —Leasing is an affordable option for acquiring the latest office technologies for your Chicago company. When a lease agreement expires, your equipment supplier will remove the old equipment from your location. From there it may be refurbished and reused by another business or responsibly recycled.
  3. Maintain your equipment —Your Chicago copiers will last a lot longer if they’re correctly maintained through a preventative maintenance program. You’ll use fewer parts, experience less downtime, and get more years of use from your equipment.
  4. Use a local equipment supplier —A local equipment provider requires fewer resources for shipping and on-site maintenance. And with local support, your Chicago copiers will get the maintenance they need to serve your business for years to come.
  5. Try managed print services —Managed print providers can help you implement the paper and toner-saving solutions standard on today’s copiers.

Responsible ownership of your Chicago copiers will go a long way toward sustainable office practices. To learn more, contact Proven IT today!

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