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The days of standalone machines are quickly coming to an end. Even our mobile phones are more computer than phone–so why should copiers be left out? Today, we’ll show you why a multifunction copier could be an exceptionally bright spot in your company’s future.

Why Multifunction?

They have all kinds of names: MFPS, multifunction printers, multifunction copiers–but at the end of the day, this multitasking office equipment is all about combining fax, copy, scan, and print capabilities. When you stop to consider how often your workflows require separate machines to work together, it makes sense to have a “one-stop” device that can help you get all your work done at the tap of a finger. Multifunction copiers do way more work for less money, less energy, and less effort on your part–and that’s not all they have to offer.

With a multifunction copier, you’ll enjoy:

  • Easy-to-learn functions

Multifunction copiers were designed for you, which means user-friendliness is always a priority. Compared to other machines, especially those with a lot of functions, these devices have a short and painless learning curve.

  • Efficient solutions

When you rely on a multifunction copier, you start to find all kinds of new efficiency solutions. For example, you can begin scanning all of your physical files into your system, creating an easily searched, easily organized group of digital documents. That can save time, money, and Mother Nature by cutting down on your paper use!

  • Communication improvements

Workflows should be designed to make sure that communication is simple and precise, and with multifunction copiers, that’s easier than ever. These machines can even scan a document straight to email–so what are you waiting for? A multifunction copier is just what every business needs.

For more details about what multifunction copiers can do for you, contact us today!