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Multifunction printers (MFP) are central to the modern business’ communication and document needs. These all-in-one machines are usually acquired in one of three ways:

  • Purchasing
  • Leasing
  • Renting

While purchasing is the dream option, but the price tag of a multifunction printer can often make that difficult, as these aren’t cheap machines. Leasing is probably the most common way to acquire an MFP, but there might be good reasons to rent one.

While leasing an MFP would be a long-term decision, renting allows you the option to rent an MFP for a term or as a short-term rental. Yourself and a vendor agree on a price and rent length, and you use the device based upon those terms. Some rentals are for a daylong event, and others are for longer seasons.

Is Renting Right for my Business?

Renting a print device is the right decision if you only need it temporarily. A rental gives you the equipment you need for an event or a heavy print season, without having to pay full price to purchase one.

Renting is also a good option for a business that cannot afford to buy or lease a new MFP. Many new companies start with low budgets, making a large purchase or lease not possible. Renting is a much more affordable option that gives you the equipment you need and the chance to start saving towards a purchase or lease.

Rental MFPs are also excellent for secondary locations or rougher work environments like a warehouse. If you are not worried about putting the most up-to-date machine in a location, a rental might be an excellent option for your business.

Why It Might Not Be Right

If you can purchase or lease an MFP, you will have many more options for brands and models for your business. Rental machines are typically going to be limited, and you might be compromising from a device you need. Finding a vendor who does rental MFPs might be a complicated process as well, as most vendors are focused on pushing newer products.

Rental products are typically not going to be the latest and greatest machines. Rentals are often older, refurbished models equipped to meet rental needs – not to be top quality products for a business to invest in. It can also be challenging to find products that can print color, as many rentals can only print black and white.

To learn more if renting is right for your business, contact Proven Business Systems today!

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