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Most businesses print a lot these days. According to Canon, the average company prints nearly sixty pages a day, and almost 12,000 sheets a year. Depending on what you are printing, the prices per page can range between 2-10 cents for each page, which adds up over a year. With today’s technology, businesses can cut printing costs by utilizing different solutions to monitor what needs printing and how it can be avoided.

Here are six tips for cutting printing costs:

Print Preview

Many employees are in too much of a rush to double check their documents before they print them. When mistakes are found, they are forced to go back and reprint either a page or several pages, sometimes a lot of pages. It is essential that print preview is utilized to double check the format and information of a document before it is printed.

Grayscale Printing

When color is not being used on a document, change your printer’s settings to print in black and white or grayscale. This will disable your color printing, saving toner when you don’t need to use it.

Duplex Printing

Another way to reduce costs is to print duplex (or double-sided). This will take less paper, saving you money on refilling your paper supply.

Use Remanufactured Ink

Remanufactured ink is a great way to cut down on print related costs. For a fraction of the price, you can purchase the ink cartridge you need for your device. Be sure to buy remanufactured ink from a reputable dealer that knows which cartridge your device needs.

Digital Sharing

In this day and age, there is no need to print agenda handouts for each employee at a meeting. Share documents online through emails or through your cloud-based network to cut down on the amount of printing your office does.

Two Printers

When an office only invests in one printer, it will handle the entire workload of an office, which can take a toll over time. With two printers, however, different types of prints can be designated to each device, which will ensure that work is appropriately distributed.

To learn more about cutting printing costs, contact Proven IT today to learn about more solutions for your business!

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