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Smartphones and tablets have given businesses the ability to connect to the office from anywhere that they can be connected to the internet. This means that productivity is no longer limited to the office, but work can be accomplished from home or on the road. With the majority of employees using their phone for work purposes to some extent, has your business considered implementing mobile printing strategies for your employees?

Here are three reasons your company should consider mobile printing:

1. Continued Productivity

Even if your business does not have remote employees, there are plenty of days that a staff member might not be able to make it into the office because of illness or scheduling conflicts. Mobile printing enables your employees to print the necessary documents and forms even when they can’t physically be in the office. This convenience will keep the office running smoothly, even when employees can’t make it in.

2. Freedom for IT Staff

Printing often creates a lot of additional work for your IT team – it doesn’t have to, though. Mobile printing will put your employees on a central network so printing can be accomplished from any location without stress on the IT team.

3. Network Security

Both local and mobile printing come with security risks that put sensitive business and personal data on the line. The good news is that a managed IT can help ensure that your mobile print process has the right security measures in place to protect data from unintended hands and eyes. They can help your business create a mobile print strategy that includes a process to protect printed documents.

Mobile printing will provide convenience and continued productivity for your employees. To learn more about how mobile printing can benefit your business, contact Proven Business Solutions today!

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