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Every year, thousands of records are compromised during backup related mistakes. Backing up data is thought to be a security process itself, but it fails all too often. There are plenty of post-backup risks possible that many don’t consider or take steps to resolve.

Here are some tips to ensure that your data backups are secure:

  • Include data backup-related systems in your company’s security policies. Data backups relate to all other security policies, from physical security to access controls, so it is crucial that it is part of your plan.
  • Include data-backup related systems in your disaster response plans. Data breaches occur with data backups all the time, so making sure that your business has a plan for these incidents is essential.
  • Be sure to store backups in a secondary location so that they won’t be subject to a fire or natural disaster. If something ever happened to your building, your onsite data backups could be easily damaged and lost.
  • Controlling the access to your backup data storage is as important as controlling access to any other office hardware.
  • Many companies invest in “fireproof” safes for their data backup devices. The problem, however, is that most “fireproof” safes are only rated to protect paper products. You’ll want to choose a safe with a media-rating. This will ensure that discs and drives are not damaged should there ever be a disaster.
  • At a minimum, password protect your backups. Passwords won’t guarantee security, but they will at least add additional layers of protection that safeguard from weaker hackers.
  • Encrypting your backups is another smart security measure to take if your hardware and software can support it. This is an excellent layer of defense that will give you peace of mind knowing data is locked away.
  • Testing your backups occasionally is a great way to ensure that your system is backing up the right data to the correct location.

To learn more about how to best protect your backups, contact Proven Business Systems today!

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