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Choosing the wrong office equipment for your Chicago company can have a lasting and negative impact. If you’d rather get things right the first time, here are a few important considerations.

  1. How much can you set aside for office equipment? While there’s not much use in looking at office equipment that’s out of your price range, beware of too-good-to-be-true offers. Some printers and copiers appear to be a great deal, but that’s only if you don’t look past the sticker price. Find out what you’ll pay over the course of the device’s service life instead of putting too much confidence in the initial cost. A reputable Chicago office equipment provider will make sure you understand the usage costs involved.
  2. How often will you use the device? Office equipment suitable for small business won’t require the same document output as something for a much larger organization. Manufacturers design printers and multifunction systems for both low and high print volumes, with monthly duty cycles, PPM capabilities, finishing features, print security solutions, document management software, and more to match your company’s specific requirements. Work with your Chicago office equipment provider to avoid over or under-buying features and capabilities.
  3. Don’t forget to factor in other professional services. Some office equipment providers are happy to make a sale, but not all of them are equipped to offer the support you’ll need afterward. If you thoroughly research our Chicago office equipment company, you’ll discover that we one offering ongoing service and support, online supply replenishment, professional managed services, and partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers. Click here to find out what our customers have to say!

Is it time to upgrade your Chicago office equipment? Get in touch with a team member at Proven IT for help assessing your requirements today!

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