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Years ago, movies and television shows dreamed of what mobile devices could do for an individual. Video chats, messaging, and more were all fictional concepts we hoped one day would be available to us. Well, we’re not dreaming anymore, most adults now have these sophisticated devices wherever we go – we have smartphones.

Smartphones have proven to be a significant advancement for the working world. While at one time there was concern that they might be a distraction, they have proven to be more than useful tools for the modern business. Recently, mobile printing has been a highlight feature for these devices, and companies are finding them to be valuable tools to print and share documents.

Finding a Printer

A smartphone might have the capability to do mobile printing, but how can you find a printer to use? Don’t fret; there are apps for that. These intuitive apps can help a user easily select a document and then search for a local printer to use.

Many companies have made mobile printing a crucial part of their print system, let’s discuss some reasons why:

Easy Access to Printers

Let’s say a client or an employee from another location comes to the office for the day. During their day in the office, they might find themselves needing to print a document. With mobile printing, a guest in your office could connect to the printer from their mobile device to print what they need to. This saves you from having to share the document to someone in the office who’s computer or device is connected to the printer.

Reducing Hardware Costs

Despite technology’s best efforts to make the modern-day paperless, paper hangs on proving to have a place in the working world still. When it comes time to print a document to sign or share, you don’t have to use a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets are a cost-effective solution that offers business’ the same capabilities as computers.

On-the-Go Printing

Many employees end up traveling for work or work from remote locations outside of the office. Mobile devices are an incredible advantage for these employees because they are empowered to reply to calls and emails and review and print documents from outside the office. Mobile printing apps have made reviewing and printing to the office a natural process, increasing an employees’ productivity while they’re on-the-go.

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