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Cost-per-page can vary substantially between manufacturers and specific devices. Other determiners include the type of ink or toner used, color printing, and coverage per page.

You can determine the average expected cost-per-page of each printer and copier in your Chicago print fleet by dividing the cartridge price by the manufacturer’s yield rating. Toner manufacturer’s base their yield ratings on standard documents printed for average business use.

There’s More to the Equation

Printing costs can’t be reduced to a simple cost per page; however, and it takes a closer look at your Chicago print environment to determine real values. Here are a few specific areas managed print providers will factor in when looking for solutions to reduce your Chicago print spend.

  • Service level agreements —Are some or all of your printing devices covered under SLAs? These costs are a part of your total print spend.
  • Maintenance and repair costs —Parts and labor costs over the course of a year can make a big difference in printing costs. MPS experts will include these expenses when determining your total printing costs.
  • Wasteful printing practices —Wasteful printing habits can drive up printing costs in a hurry. Some of the most damaging include unnecessary color printing, personal printing, unclaimed documents, duplicate print jobs, printing errors, high-resolution printing for internal documents, and printing materials that could be routed electronically to individuals or document management systems.
  • Workflows —Are your employees wasting time due to inefficient print-related workflows? MPS experts can help correct bottlenecks by redesigning your print infrastructure and relocating devices to match departmental requirements.
  • Device downtime —Mismanagement and aging equipment can make downtime more frequent. How much did downtime cost your Chicago company in the past year?

Where does your Chicago print spend fall? Contact us to find out if you’re spending more than necessary with an assessment from Proven IT today!

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