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As office environments develop and have improved technology, one might assume that the number of occurring cyberattacks would lessen. This hasn’t been the case, however, as cyberattacks have only happened more as technology has improved. Hackers realize that businesses have taken more significant measures to connect devices through office networks, so cyberattacks have increased as hackers attempt to gain access to these networks through devices.

Ransomware Attacks

In the last year, there has been a massive increase in ransomware attacks that have cost businesses around the world billions of dollars. Even though there is plenty of awareness regarding the threat of cyberattacks, it is not stopping hackers from developing creative strategies to infect businesses to steal data and information. It is critical that companies turn towards IT solutions to protect themselves from hackers.


Many businesses have sought to incorporate cryptocurrency as its value rises on markets. Because of how quickly cryptocurrency took off, hackers attempted to use malware attacks on open mining websites – and their efforts worked in their favor. Coinhive, what was once the most popular cryptocurrency mining tool, was attacked, and an infected version of Coinhive ranked sixth most common malware globally.

As cryptocurrency becomes a more popular currency choice in our world, it is vital that businesses are prepared to take on hackers. With the right security solutions in place, the damage and effects from a cyber attack could be significantly lessened.

With cyberattacks occurring as often as they do and costing businesses thousands of dollars, it is essential that IT systems are in place to protect your business from hackers. Enlisting Managed IT Services enables a team of IT experts to ensure that your company has the proper plans in place to stop breaches.

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