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You might take it for granted, but your office copier is one of the most vital parts of your business. Your employees rely on the copier to accomplish more work than you might think. The modern copier has become the central hub of sharing documents and information throughout your office.

Modern copiers have a variety of functions that employees enlist to perform work duties well. These features include scanning to email, mobile printing, scanning to cloud service, and so much more. With employees relying on this device, it is crucial that it is functioning at it’s highest potential.

Like a car, copiers experience a significant amount of wear and tear as the years go on. You can make repairs for as long as possible, but the day will inevitably come where it is time to get a new device.

Here are four signs that you need a new copier:

1. Employees Are Complaining

Employees are the ones who first notice issues with your business’ copier. It is important to keep an ear out for the consistency of complaints from employees regarding the copier’s performance. If the copier is a source of frustration to your office, then it is time to increase productivity and relieve stress by purchasing a new device.

2. Difficulty in Restocking Supplies

As new devices continue to develop, the accessories and supplies also evolve with the new machines. If finding critical supplies like toner and parts are becoming more difficult, then it is probably time to get a new copier. Machines upgrade for your convenience as they offer new features and solutions; difficulty in finding supplies is a clear sign that you’re missing out on what you could have.

3. Poor Print Quality

As your copier experiences more and more use, the quality of prints will begin to get worse. If your device is pushing out papers with smear marks and smudges, or if your printer experiences consistent paper jams, then you are missing out on the high-quality printing you could have with a new copier.

4. Business is Boomin’

As your business grows, your office technology must evolve as well. The solutions you rely on at one stage of your company will not serve you the same way that they will in another phase.

If you are ready to upgrade to a new copier, contact Proven IT today to see which device is right for your business!

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